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Counseling Department

Welcome to the Alliance Collins Family Counseling Department!
Your Child is our Number One Priority!
The Counseling Department at Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High School strives to support our student body in a variety of ways. This includes providing support in four key categories:
  1. Academic Support
  2. Personal / Social Support
  3. Career Counseling 
  4. Alumni Support
Academic Support
We strive to ensure that our students are succeeding academically by identifying learning styles and developing academic goals as well as helping students discover their career goals. 
Counselors currently support our student’s academics by: 
  • Reviewing A-G Requirements
  • Tracking students Credits for High School Graduation
  • Advising Students and Parents on the best-fitted credit recovery options.
  • Scheduling our students classes accordingly
  • Collaborating with Teachers through Grade Level Meetings
Personal / Social Support
As a Counseling Team we strive to support our students with their personal and social emotional needs. Counselors will address student’s immediate needs, concerns or problems that might impede their academic career or personal development.
Counselors provide support through:
  • Immediate Intervention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Short-Term Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
The Counseling Team ensures that student and counselor confidentiality is of the upmost importance. 
Career Counseling
The Counseling Team supports our students with career goals and matching their colleges to best fit their career of choice. 
Counselors currently support our students’ career goals by: 
  • Creating Grade Level Advisory Plans
  • Interpreting our Students ACT, SAT, or PSAT results 
  • College Decision Making
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Scholarships Workshops
Alumni Support
Our Counseling Team supports our students after graduating by: 
  • Assisting with transitioning to college after graduation
  • Connecting our students with a Mentor through the AMP Program (Alliance Mentorship Program)
  • Providing support in re-enrolling to college
  • Checking in with students via Email, Text, or Phone Call
  • Providing Transcripts and Recommendation Letters
Who is my Assigned Counselor?
Last Name A- Gom: Ms. Ramos -
Last Name Gon-O:  Ms. Contreras
Last Name: P-Z:      Mr. Gomez
Transition Specialist and Alumni Tracker:  Ms. Blanco
To set up an appointment you can email us or call the school at: (323)-923-1588
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