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Completion of the following checklist fulfills Alliance’s graduation requirements, the UC and CSU freshman admission requirements, and State mandated requirements (EC 51225.3) for high school graduation.

Credits Required

  • Alliance’s unit/credit requirement for graduation:  230                 

    • Total minimum A-G credits required: 160   

Course Requirements

  • Passage of A-G Course Requirements as stated here and in the chart below.

  • Scholars pass all courses with a grade of C or higher (basic proficiency).

  • Scholars must complete 11 out of 15 A-G courses by the end of 11th grade (with a letter grade of C or better) to meet minimum UC admissions requirements.

  • In addition to the A-G history/social science courses, it is a California State graduation requirement that all scholars must complete one semester in American Government & Civics and one semester in Economics. Alliance high schools have determined that these courses must also be A-G approved.

  • Scholars pass two years of Physical Education to meet the California State graduation requirements, unless the pupil has been exempted pursuant to the provisions of Education Code Section 51241 (this requirement will vary by school depending on what is written into each school’s charter).

  • At the discretion of the principal, Alliance high schools may require scholars to complete community service requirements in order to participate in graduation activities.  

NOTE: Scholars who are unsuccessful in meeting the Alliance 230 credit “a-g” high school graduation requirement are ineligible to participate in graduation and may return to their high school, designated as a 5th year senior.

Grad Requirements

*In addition to the required A-G history/social science course sequence, all students must complete 1 semester course in American Government & Civics, and 1 semester course in Economics.  Alliance high schools have determined that these courses must also be A-G approved.