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Collins Family Compact


Collins Family College Ready High School students will:
• Arrive on time to class each day, in uniform, and prepared to learn.
• Be an active, cooperative learner and seek assistance from instructors when needed.
• Complete and submit all class assignments, projects, and homework in a timely manner and to the quality standards expected of a scholar.
• Follow the Honor Code and accept consequences for actions.
• Be respectful of all in achieving goals of graduation and college entrance.
• Adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined in the Collins Family College Ready High School Student Handbook

Collins Family College Ready High School parent(s)/guardian(s) will:
• Encourage students to be active and responsible learners who complete project assignments and homework,   and seek assistance when needed.
• Work to ensure that students are in regular, punctual attendance each day.
• Support Collins Family College Ready High School policies regarding discipline, safety, proper school attire, project assignments and homework, attendance, textbook care, etc.
• Participate in advisory team support of their child, ongoing analysis of student work portfolio, and in the academic mentor volunteer program.
• Complete 40 hours of parent community service at Collins Family College Ready High School each year.
• Attend educational workshops for parents.

Collins Family College Ready High School staff will:
• Understand and teach grade level/course curriculum based on the California State Standards and A – G college preparation courses.
• Assign relevant individual and team student projects and communicate with parents regarding student academic and social progress.
• Attend regularly and encourage students to achieve at least a 95% attendance rate.
• Communicate college-ready policies to students and parents regarding discipline, homework, attendance, grade level/subject area expectations,
A-G course and college entrance requirements.
• Work to meet the individual needs of students in ongoing advisory counseling, coursework and college entrance preparation; assist in development and semester review of each student’s Individual Learning Plan
• Maintain accurate records of student academic performance and behavior
• Provide a safe, clean, positive, and peaceful school environment that supports student learning and personalized teaching.